Here’s some food pics of what I ate & drank the last few days. No deprivation whatsoever & I even got a nude sunbath! Being healthy is so YUMMY!

FIRST THING.. lemon water
I heart lemon WATER!

Better than prevage ANTI-AGING green drink!.. yipee
OH THE GLORY OF GREEN.............

Poached Organic Eggs with greens, sourdough rice toast & linseeds. Great after some yoga or an early morning walk with sprints & a cold shower. 🙂
Organic poached eggs with rice toast, greens & linseeds

The CHIA seed yogurt with cinnamon & vanilla.. Just soak some seeds & stir in!

You can use buckwheat (cook absorbtion like rice).. to make Tabouli!!!.. this was a spicy version, lots of chillies & a good dressing mmm.
buckwheat tabouli

Off to another casting.. just some snacks I took; in the foil is my delicious ‘Raw Chocolate’, organic apples are always good, ‘Seaweed Chippies’ (see recipes) & a few purple beans from the Organic markets..
on the road snacks

Time for some real food.. YUMMMMM SALMON! the marigolds were good too, this was a shared meal with the girls who come & do yoga with me on Mondays.
baked salmon, buckwheat, greens, pesto.. marigolds!

I really don’t like sorrel. But it always grows.. even in winter with no watering! So I made up this tasty little salad with some raw beetroot, goats cheese & pistachio DUKKAH!
beet-sorrel salad with goats cheese & dukkah

I LOVE ASIAN GREENS!!!! Mmm. Random green curry – was so aromatic & comforting ♥
green curry

Sweet treat #2 (hahaha after chocolate) ‘Vanilla Halva’
Vanilla Halva

HEALTHY. The dressing MADE this tuna salad, lots of lime juice & agave.
tuna salad

Nice nightcap ‘Anti-fungal BEAUTY TEA’.. See Beauty tips xxx
My Anti-fungal Beauty Tea