Last night after a 16hour long working day I got.. let me see 4hrs sleep?? SO BAD for your immune system, skin not to mention the ability to survive the next day! The worst thing your can do after a flogging like that is to inflict coffee upon your poor nerves, overstimulating them, taking energy from tomorrow to use today (don’t worry I know, I LOVE COFFEE TOO.. I’m Portuguese!! any excuse right? Feeling rather desperate right now & I did have a big organic cup yesterday before my long drive home).. SO WHAT TO DO now!!!.. Try this 7 step neverfail pickmeup..

1.Cold or tepid shower first thing
2.Peppermint + green or white teas for a refreshing lift
3.Lots and lots of WATER HYDRATE HYDRATE all day
4.Some deep breathing/light stretching
5.GREENS &/OR LIVE FOODS, fresh juices, superfoods such as green barley/spirulina added to a fruit/coconut water smoothie with raw cacao nibs/powder + snack on apples! This common superfruit refreshes the mind as well as the body & some studies have proven they even work to keep you awake as well as coffee does!
6.GOOD balancing protiens which are easily digested such as lightly poached eggs


It works for me.. & for an extra energy boost try my delicious raw chocolate brownie mid-afternoon! 😉