How does one attempt to translate ultimate bliss on a flat lifeless screen? It is a state I found myself experiencing last week in Bali as we discovered Tukad Cepung Waterfall. It was as if the Balinese had enhanced this glorious natural paradise, just for us!

< My daughter snapped quite this Natgeo worthy image of my reaction to finding raw cacao in this most beauteous place all in one time frame!!! I was thusly transcended to the heavenly realms, garden of Eden, exotica in a moment.

I’d say it was the happiest juncture of the last 3 of my 43 years to be sure. Soul release. I’ve been needing this holiday so much more desperately than even I knew. Mostly perhaps to enjoy all to myself the best female company ever…that of my amazing daughter Charlotte! (23) It doesn’t feel as though we are 20 years apart at all.

We trekked down steep uneven stairs, along cacao laced pathways, of course I stopped to pick one pod!

Walking on through sandy bottomed streams we found this beautiful place, where the light pierces through cracks in the jungle and huge rock chasms.

We stayed a while. Longer. Everything I was looking for was in this place.

As soon as we began walking back I wanted to turn around, discover it all over again. So thankful for such a moment in time. So thankful for you my darling Charly, beyond words you are precious to me, so inspiring, so strong, so kind, so real, so good, so true.

You are the kind of young woman I only ever dreamed you would become, only you have then exceeded all of my expectations.

You soar on girl. Life has dark, and light, and sadness, and beauty, and pain, and elation, and everything in between. Like the glorious spaces, here.

It’s all a mystery. But I thank God for evidential (this also so unexplainable?) mercies in life, through inspiration, through nature, through the blackness, still proving somehow to my heart that love will never fail.