HIII BELOVED BLOG READERS, My supergorgeous RAW chocolate book is coming. There is a quote, "SOONER THAN YOU THINK, LONGER THAN YOU WISH" & [...]

2011-12-04T18:53:09+11:00December 4th, 2011|

AfterSURF Lunch

Another session... ALONE... peelers, 3foot offshore... REALLY froze myself & paddled till my arms were spagetti. Got home, absolutely DESPERATE for something fast & [...]

2010-08-14T21:56:09+10:00August 14th, 2010|

Fresh from the Garden

Sometimes on these hot summer days you just feel like eating freshhh! Garden organic lettuce, with grated beetroot, some goji berries for extra antioxidants, [...]

2010-02-02T15:49:25+11:00February 2nd, 2010|

Breakfast/Lunch Ideas..

I avoid high allergy foods like dairy/wheat/sugar (most of the recipes on this blog will be gluten free, dairy free and sugar free) simply [...]

2009-11-11T06:05:45+11:00November 11th, 2009|
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