NEED. Antioxidants x 200,00,000? Yep. Me too! That’s why I’ve just invented this super-delicious sugar free, dairy free, allergy free and gluten free slice (which tastes more satisfying than a Cherry Ripe btw!) for myself, and you too. Perfect for a breakfast on the go, or pre/post exercise. We’ve all had good intentions, maybe buying a few more goji berries than we can eat enough of, to reap maximum benefits. These bars are perfect for getting the super berries into you! I’m sure they’re highly anti-aging as they combine a number of the worlds highest antioxidant rich foods. They’re sure to positively enhance the natural beauty of your skin, hair, nails and maybe even put back the spring in your step when you feel you’ve simply got too much on to take proper care of yourself. I just ate 6 (for my on-the-go lunch) mmmm!… Try them, love to know what you think 🙂




You’ll need: Model Chocolate ‘Classic Dark’ (from the book) raw chocolate – (or your fave raw chocolate, melted, for top and bottom of slice)
+ this  Super-Berry Filling:
2 cups goji berries
1 cup pitted Medjool dates (OR plump dried figs or apricots)
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon Gubinge powder (optional- vitamin C rich Aussie bush superfood)
1/3 cup Incaberries, I left out a few, to be sprinkled onto slice filling to add texture
4 drops pure essential oil of orange, lime or lemon
1/4 teas vanilla powder, OR grated ginger, OR a squeeze of fresh lime juice, optional
2 tablespoons Maqui Berry powder, half to be kept for sprinkling on top of finished slice

Prepare ‘Classic Dark’ (pg 92 Model Chocolate) raw chocolate (or melt down 2-300gm of your fave option). Use 1/3 for bottom of lined glass dish. Keep the other 2/3’s warm.

WHIZ all Super-Berry filling ingredients together in a strong food processor to create a tacky fruity mass. Take out portions and press on top of the raw chocolate base with a fork, until all is used, sprinkling a few of the whole incaberries over – if you enjoy think you’d enjoy the texture like I do. Smother all remaining Classic Dark chocolate over the top, before setting in the fridge/freezer to harden. Sprinkle with remaining Maqui Berry powder and cut into bars.
Nutrient density ++!! Try it with a cup of green tea or smoothie. Store in fridge or freezer until needed. I like it from the freezer, just makes the Inca berries that little bit chewier 🙂

Superberry3  Superberry2

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