We created this little ‘Day Spa’ during a few days to ourselves over the holidays.. Its quite easy to make a little paradise of your own to enjoy a little tranquility, cleanse your mind & body..
We made a ‘riverpebble’ path to keep the area clean, I love the smooth, black stones

After the hot steam, we close the pores in our icy cold rain water shower, then some of us, especially the children LOOVE jump into dam to cool the whole body.

Here’s beautiful Olivia, enjoying the lilies which grow in the dam, skin glowing 🙂

The shower. I usually do 3 steam/shower alternations, which I’ve read, is like having a complete blood transfusion in it’s effect, clean, healthy blood!

STEAM TENT.. the zingy ‘Salt glow’ is perfect between steams (see recipe ~Beauty Tips Category)

The ‘Boiler’ is an old (CLEANED) petrol tank we bought for about $40

Nightime is especially awesome. Or in the rain…. HYDROTHERAPY is powerful for cleansing, the immune system, lymphatic system, skin, promoting healing & an even circulation, cleansing the lungs (steam is more beneficial than dry heat saunas for this), detoxifying!… I love to steam once a week for health & beauty.