Here’s a tasty raw chocolate recipe for you which was featured on The Chalkboard earlier! Super easy to make, delicious, packed with healthy fats, excellent protein, vitamins and minerals. I store these high calcium antioxidant rich treats in the freezer to bring out when cacao deprived souls visit unexpectedly. Children love them!


1/3 cup organic tahini
1/3 cup raw honey
6 drops spearmint essential oil
¼ cup raw pistachio nuts, chopped fine
½ cup raw cacao powder
1/3 cup desiccated coconut
¼ cup fine rice bran

Extra desiccated coconut, for rolling

Mix honey & tahini together. Add all other ingredients and combine until dough-like in texture. Sprinkle a large board with coconut. Take half the mixture and roll on coconut until it looks like a long snake. Cut into logs. Repeat process with other half. Refrigerate to harden. If you don’t have or like spearmint use peppermint instead or if preferred, roll them into balls, or if you don’t have any time at all simply scrape into a lined dish and set as a slice! 🙂

10 minutes to make 10 -15 logs.