Hi again, beautiful readers… I’m posting this for myself as well as anyone of you who may read it.

You see, WE ALL NEED MOTIVATION. Daily. Hourly, even minute by minute! So I’m going to open up my personal (very new) ‘Yoga’ Diary, for you to see here & it’s very honest! I hope it will help to inspire you to a little extra ‘self-motivation‘ for something you want this year.

Each year goes by. 2012 will too. Every year (at Xmas-time, I think 🙁 ohhh no, another year I didn’t do my yoga), this is victim mentality. Even WORSE LOL, I get jealous of ‘downward dogs’ >>> uhuh… ACTUAL DOGS in the stretching in the ‘downward dog’ posture.  Quite ridiculous isn’t it? Yes hilarious.

Read more of my post to Organice Your Life here: http://organiceyourlife.com/self-motivation

Special thank-you to Wellbeing, for the PERFECT yoga journal! xxx Abigail