I posted a short video to my Instagram last week, me collecting seawater fresh from the ocean. It got a lot of people chatting, asking questions as to how I use it, so here is how I’ve used seawater to assist in detoxing the body…

  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Thalassotherapy
  • Alkalise and hydrate
  • Food seasoning

Intestinal cleansing with seawater is easy! All you need is fresh, clean (make sure you’ve collected it from a pure source, no rivermouths, no sewerage, think remote ocean) seawater. Make a concoction of 1/3 seawater, 1/3 fresh water, and 1/3 boiling water, to make up 2 litres. Drink first think in the morning on an empty stomach. It may be hard to get the whole lot down, some people don’t cope well at all! It may even induce vomiting. My experience has been to scull it as fast as possible. I find the cooler it gets the more difficult it is to drink. I also find eating sparingly, if at all the night before helps. This is an excellent, natural, saline solution, isotonic drink which will purge the stomach, intestines and bowel from the top down. Great used in conjunction with a detox program in place of enemas. You can read more info on detoxing here.

Thalassotherapy (seawater hydrotherapy) can easily be done at home by using seawater in your bathtub, heating it up with enough hot tap water to your liking. I also add seaweed such as nori flakes, dulse or kelp powders and essential oils. Soak at least 20minutes to realise the effects of the alkalising minerals. Finish with a cold rinse and feel your whole body tingle!


Alkalise and hydrate easily by adding a dash of pure seawater rich in minerals to your lemon water.

Food seasoning is as simple as adding fresh seawater to your raw dressings, and dehydrated vegetables or crackers. You can even bake or cook with seawater in place of sea salt! How’s that for unprocessed? 🙂