IMG_7600Sometimes it’s easy to forget as I wander around my own magical, mystical secret garden, that our once so beautiful Edenic Earth is on the verge of complete and utter destruction. Right now. Not slowly…every, single, second.


My heart breaks as I realise a thousand more starving children.


Instead of playful echos, devastating horror squeals from our dying oceans sea life, so essential to our own.


5F5B4B0A-DE69-4AA6-A4C1-0A574A4B8C75So many precious ecosystems, Wildlife, extinct, in ruins.

I have a little rainforest remnant. But even here far from the Amazon, and looking across our beautiful Valley of Dreams, I see the effects of our evil mismanagement of Gods precious gifts to all of this glorious Creation.


Is it our lack of knowledge, or our greed, lust and apathy that prevents the change that seems doomed to come too late?

?? ?

IMG_7611 (1)


The change must come right NOW. We must all #BeTheChange – if you haven’t already, please watch @Cowspiracy film, very insightful.