IMG_8780Here’s my super simple, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and allergy free raw vegan recipe for Rocky Road. It’s made using Coco Mylky (a 100% sugar, dairy and allergy free simple raw chocolate recipe in Model Chocolate recipe book). Of course if you don’t have the book you could use some Loving Earth raw chocolate, melted at a low temperature as the chocolate for the recipe, or any raw chocolate you personally like. Coco Mylky I find is perfect for achieving the more-ish texture and flavour which I love about this fruity chocolate combination. These treats really do taste altogether too addictive, considering there’s no artificially coloured fluffy marshmallows in them!…

“Red White & Blue” the boys will sooo love you!!! My boys absolutely love this recipe so I’ve named it after this little rhyme, as the colour tones are contributed by the red of crunchy freeze-dried strawberries, the ‘white’ either dried apples (in place of marshmallows) or if you don’t have any cubed natural rice cakes will also work (won’t be fully raw), and the ‘blue’ of the plump dried blueberries, for that delightful chewy element.  You could add some nuts if you want extra crunch (then of course they won’t be allergy free), or any freeze-dried fruits you like as a variation. A mixture of freeze-dried banana, strawberry and mango also works beautifully!

‘Red White & Blue’ Raw Rocky Road

Coco Mylky – double the recipe (or use your own raw chocolate recipe or melted raw chocolate block, won’t be quite the same as Model Chocolate but still nice)

40g organic freeze dried strawberries, such as these from iHerb,

2/3 cup dried apples cut into chunks OR 1 – 2 organic natural rice cakes cut into small cubes (no crumbs)

50- 70g dried plump blueberries

1 tablespoon desiccated coconut, for sprinkling

IMG_8788Prepare Coco Mylky recipe or melt some raw chocolate of your own. While chocolate is warm add in freeze-dried strawberries, dried apples (the best for that marshmallow effect!) or tiny cubes of rice cakes if you like, along with dried blueberries until combined. Scoop portions into lined muffin tins, or if you prefer, into a lined tray with sides to set Rocky Road as a slab. Sprinkle with coconut, set in fridge or freezer to harden quickly. Cut into chunks and serve! Deliciousness!! <3


Picture uses Very Vogue Vanilla(also from Model Chocolateoptional, drizzled on top