avo-lime cheesecakeI believe in eating lots of good FAT. Your skin loves this! Also, eating the right fats aids your body in detoxification & ensures you don’t crave those nasty fats which only clog your body. YAY for the Raw Avocado-Lime Cheesecake.. THIS IS TRULY AMAZING dessert is so good for you you could eat it for breakfast!

Blend together: 1.5cups creamy avocado with 1.5cups AYAM (the purest) coconut cream, 1/3-1/2cup agave syrup 3Tblsp lime juice, 1Tblsp lecithin granules, 1/2Tblsp natural vanilla aswell as the zest of 1 lime.

Raw crust:
I make a delicious raw crumbly crust out of either coconut flour, rice bran/oatbran & dessicated coconut to which 1 mashed banana, some vanilla & a spoonful of macadamia butter/coconut cream & a little flaxoil is added. Try your luck!..

Pour smooth, creamy mixture into raw cheesecake shell. Freeze. Serve semi-thawed for an impressive dessert topped with blueberrys & maple syrup.