We’ve come to the end of another week & I feel soo happy I simply must write something joyful. After all, surely life is more than our accomplishments! More than being successful & achieving great things. On that note you may enjoy reading my article for The Chalkboard, Tips for Successful Wonderfulness.

Right now I’m thinking of happiness & where on earth it comes from. The times I tend to feel this overabundantly happy are the times when I know I’m fulfilling & realising the joy of blessing others. Whether it be through a positive attitude, the gift of a smile, a kind word, love to those I love or those who just need loving regardless! In my case, this week it was again through sharing my raw chocolate inventions at work 😉 oooohh the joys!

I honestly don’t think I ever feel happier than in moments of service to my family & to the people I meet from day to day.

It’s just so beautiful! To radiate true joy is to be true to yourself & share your light. Only you can do that. Have a wonderful weekend xxx