SO green smoothie personelle, you’ve won me over at last. THX to the glory of persimmons! Here’s this mornings recipe invention which I actually like, & I don’t know if other people use the word greamy?… That’s a new invention too. Means creamy green smoothie? No cream. Just gream. LOL. Sounds gross. But it is actually really YUM. IF you get it right. Otherwise you won’t ever eat one again. Don’t experiment with apples.


2 perfectly ripened persimmons (I saved half of the second one for afterwards in case my smoothie was a failure, which it wasn’t)

1 small banana

Coconut water from one green coconut

2 cups tightly packed baby spinach leaves

ICE. Optional. I used 4 ice cubes in the final blend.


You honestly won’t believe your green smoothie converted tastebuds. !!! OHHHLA LUM 😀