We’ve all experienced the various discomforts of pain. Whether it’s a headache or a backache or even PMS. Pain is NOT NICE! The easy way to alleviate symptoms may be to ‘pop a pill’ & not think about it again, until of course it comes back to bite us on the bottom! Only harder.
I believe pain is the body’s way of letting me know something is not quite right. An indicator that I may be working to hard, not getting enough exercise, sunshine, good food, sleep, or water. The build-up of unreleased tension can also result in pain. Our bodies are complex, yet the simplest things can create harmony. Here’s some of my personal (very easy!) pain management tips. Things I do, natural things that work for me & my body…

Amp up your water intake! Drinking at least one, but more like two glasses every hour. I add chlorophyll, or lemon juice for it’s extra alkalising properties.

Go to bed EARLY (not always easy!!), take a day naps in an airy room, under the trees or perhaps by the sea.

*Light nourishing foods
If I’m not 100% or feel stiff or sore, I try to make two fresh juices a day (I avoid oranges). Pineapple is excellent & delicious too. I add ginger, carrot, apples, beetroot, celery, lemon, green leaves. Green drinks (either fresh or barley green/spirulina to add to the juices/smoothies – from health food shops). Vegetable soups (cooked or raw) are great for extra hydration and alkalinity. Sometimes I crave mashed pumpkin with goats cheese or sweet potato with garlic & olive oil, I find these foods gentle yet nourishing/balancing, rice salads (see recipe) are cleansing, building, healing. Enjoy fresh fruits, a whole meal of fruit is refreshing and cleansing for the body – I like to balance it with a green drink before or after. Almond milk – so alkalising & delicious. Smoothies.

*Definitely Avoid
Cows milk, sugar, wheat products, meat, coffee, black tea, processed foods, canned foods, fried foods, chemicals.

Really nice & refreshing, I put a teaspoon or two into a water bottle so I can sip throughout the day. You can add one drop of spearmint, mint or peppermint oil to enhance the fresh taste even more if you like! Peppermint is also a natural pain reliever. Sometimes, I take chlorophyll as a ‘shot’… 10-20ml kind of like a wheatgrass shot, but easier.

Peppermint. Hot or iced. SOO good made from the fresh leaves but easy to find at all supermarkets. Camomile will help you unwind, I like to take it before bed. Dandelion is lovely for the liver, see how I make it for breakfast (recipes). If I’m really in pain, I like to use herbs in my bath too! And definitely use them liberally at mealtimes, things like dandelion greens, fresh basil YUM.

This is something I often dream of when I have pain, but don’t always get time/cash for. Self massage a few drops of peppermint/basil/clary sage/lavender (depending) or your favourite essential oil, onto the back of your neck/shoulders & into your feet before bed (even more effective after a warm bath) & sleep your worries away!

I make myself seaweed baths ~ will post about my baths soon!!! But you can simply do hot/cold treatments in almost any bathroom. Hydrotherapy is so powerful! Use it. For a simple treatment, I like to soak in a bath with essential oils & epsom salts, blasting myself under the cold shower every ten minutes or just at the end of the bath. Magnificent for painful joints/muscles.

*Passive Yoga
I have a yoga mat, and a large ‘bolster’.. so, if I have pain & cannot do yoga, I just relax into some passive postures, focusing on the breath, and allow tension to LEAVE.

Colour Therapy
Just going outside, walking on the green grass with bare feet will help to create calm in my mind. It also helps me to appreciate the blessings I have, now. Even through pain. Look for ways you can enjoy the calming or refreshing/uplifting colours in nature, depending on your needs at the time.

I’m an olive skinned person, I lovve sun & it loves me. I stay out of it usually (as I turn black lol) – apart from getting my daily dose of vitamin D.
When in times of pain or sickness, the sun is POWERFUL to heal. Try a morning at the beach if it’s not to much exertion, then sun/dip/sun/dip for a couple of hours. OR simply lay outside wherever you can at home, enjoy a little extra sun & take tepid showers in between. MAGIC 😀