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3001, 2015

A Supergorgeous NEWSTART!

January 30th, 2015|

So there we have it! I've posted every one of my super-simple 8 TIPS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS in minature. Each 'SuperTip' would need it's very [...]

2201, 2015

8 Tips for Supergorgeousness #6 AIR

January 22nd, 2015|

AIR! The very essence of LIFE. The 'prana' or LIFEFORCE is my 6th 'SuperTip' for SUPERGORGEOUSNESS! The best thing is, it's FREE!! "& God breathed into man [...]


Are you looking for a little bit of healthy inspiration? Would you like to have your cake…& eat it too? I know I would. Hang around & find out how I balance my life of motherhood, modelling & eating… Lots & lots of CHOCOLATE.



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