oyl-lonn-carolina OYL-chocpie2You’ve probably noticed that I love writing healthy, inspiring articles. Over the last few years I’ve shared some of my no 1 tips and a few delicious recipes for the website Organice Your Life. OYL is a site which provides much inspirational reading contributed by some of the worlds well known leading models, along with beautiful pictures and videos, created by Top Model – Lonneke Engel.

The supergorgeous Lonneke (pronounced Lon-e-ka) and I enjoyed skyping recently, and discovered that we certainly share the same passions for organic living, health, beauty, and wellness. We also see eye-to-eye on many important issues which effect our beautiful planet earth.

So you see I really wanted my long-distance friend to have access to all the superfood chocolate she could possibly eat… to benefit her body, contribute radiance to her already perfect skin and give her more energy for her very busy life, so I sent her my book!

Today as usual I went online to check my daily emails, messages, social media, only to discover some new ‘Model Chocolate’ pictures on Instagram, of stunning models Lonneke and Carolina (and their lovely boyfriends! yes they’re stunning too) on the other side of the earth, sharing my chocolate recipes and having so much fun!

What could be better than a day spent in the kitchen making delicious raw chocolate-y goodness, and sharing it with friends? You can see all the guilt free goodness Lonneke and her friends got up to making my Love Me Bittersweet Raw Chocolate Pie (recipe in the book) HERE.