Over and over again…

Over and over again…


My secret to flawless looking skin? Let me compose this as quickly as I can so I can escape to the natural space I prefer to be in…I’ve spent far too much time on this techno-annoying-space today already!

What you do over and over. This is my greatest secret for younger looking skin. Don’t smoke, eat garbage, get drunk every other night or even on weekends for 42 years of your life and expect to have gorgeous radiant ‘your best skin ever’ in your middle years.

What you’re seeing in my Instagram feed, and here on my website is real. I am an au naturel girl all the way. My photo’s are not retouched, I don’t wear make up most days, and I have never tried botox, rarely even get a facial!

It’s what I’ve done for 30+ years that’s really adding up now! If you’re young…I encourage you to start gently but surely towards a vegetarian organic lifestyle. If you’re older, there’s nothing nature can’t improve, given the opportunity. Love your life! Eat unprocessed, simple meals, lots of greens, snack on raw food, superfoods, and raw cacao daily. Exercise. Drink water, herbal teas, exfoliate, enjoy hydrotherapy. Make sure your insides are super happy. Emotionally too.


Scan old posts here in my blog to inspire change. There’s so much I still want to share with you, time will tell.

Love for your day everyone!


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  1. Taina October 8, 2017 at 12:24 pm - Reply

    Thank you Abi ! And this is so so true. Our daily habits/diets/patterns/lifestyles truly affect our skin over the years.I haven’t consumed meat in almost twenty years, never partied/smoke/drank and get a lot of rest. I’ve never felt the need to go out and party and do drugs and generally do stupid and unwise things to feel part of the cool crowd or whatever it’s called now. Instead I actually like to read books ( instead of snapchat ),do turmeric Manuka honey face masks ( like right now ), spend time with my family and cat, walk the beach, hike , do art or yoga.
    Your habits become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your choices. Your choices become your life.

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