If you’ve never heard of Organice Your Life, allow me to introduce you… You may learn a thing or two!  OYL is a  website founded by the stunningly gorgeous Lonneke Engel, top model & green fashion advocate. The online magazine is free to read when you sign up (ps. no junk mail in your inbox either!) …AND there is also a thriving blog which boasts varied posts written by some of the worlds top models & celebrities!! There’s a lot of excellent reading there if you’re ever lacking in inspiration to be your very best!

Now for the exciting part! A big thank-you to Organice Your Life for inviting me to be part of ‘the team’! I’m especially looking forward to the opportunity to share inspirational articles via the magazine & blog soon. Be on the lookout so you don’t miss any of my posts!

There’s a few of my recipes in the latest issue (note beautiful model/mum Kate Dillon on the cover) & also a little about my unique model story (me at 16, read my ‘Family First‘ article for OYL issue #7). STAY TUNED to Organice Your Life ♥ organiceyourlife.com