Some of you have asked me what my skin routine is.  I’ve always been a big fan of using nature as fresh from the plant itself as I can get it, such as freshly picked aloes burst open and smothered onto my skin. I also love to use coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosewater, along with pure essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood and Elemi daily. Lately though, I’ve discovered something entirely new and captivating! Put raw chocolate in anything and I’m IN! Here’s my daughter and I enjoying a raw chocolate face mask by a new and ethical, organic skincare company called Zk’in.

my daughter and I sharing Zk'in

Yes I have a chocolate mask in my book, but not so easy for travelling! Neither are aloe plants actually, aha yes I have tried. Airport people really look at you funny! Now  Zk’in!…I must say, everything I’ve tried from this skincare range I’ve loved. I’m absolutely obsessed with their moisturisers, the mist is so fresh and uplifting, and the coffee scrub is a nice strong exfoliant – if you like a firmer scrub. The hydrating and brightening mask is rich in actual raw cacao, and the anti-aging serum is perfect for the extra intense nutrients it delivers. I surf, and although people still think I’m 20something I’m actually NOT…so I need all the extra intense goodness I can get!

I can certainly recommend you try their products and see for yourself how beautiful they are. I find them quite affordable considering how ultra pure and organic they are. Certified organic that is. They use a lot of intensive superfood ingredients like seaweed, cotton thistle and lots of others you may not of heard of that really make a difference to how your skin looks and feels.

Such a fan I ordered an entire BOXFUL. The packaging is gorgeous! Going to share the organic Zk’in-love around this Xmas!

photo 1 (32)  photo 2 (31)


Thank-you beautiful and inspirational Grace (founder) for creating such a gorgeous range of natural organic skincare!