FROM these brightly coloured, crisp, sweet, GORGEOUS SPRAY FREE GM FREE CAPSICUMS (which I’ve just stuffed with a fresh organic coleslaw) to tasty AVOCADO’s… TO OLIVES, to delicious SOURDOUGH BREAD to the rich and fruity OLIVE OIL I’ve drizzled over… EVERYTHING!…

BUT WAIT!!! THERE’S MORE, SO delicious dried and ground ORGANIC HERBS & SPICES which I’ve used to make ‘ZATAR’ (pictured sprinkled onto bread here) and… THE AMAZING BERRIES which my hubby picked for me this morning… AGAIN (he’s soo nice!).

OHHHH THE COLOURS!!!!! SOOO PRETTY. No wonder people choose packaged food at times! They may have forgotten how amazingly beautiful and tasty real food is!

There is for me absolutely NO COMPARISON in taste, freshness, energy levels (after the pleasure of eating is over!) and in the blessing – rather than curse – this way of producing food is to OUR EARTH & the people that live in it.

Let’s make our world a better place shall we? Let’s pay an extra dollar for a capsicum and support the growth of ORGANIC FARMING. I love choosing in the small ways I can, to make a greener healthier world for my children. Feels awesome, tastes even more awesome, ahha win-win situation really? 😀