saltHimalayan salt.. its actually pinkish looking.. Way superior taste! The best salts are pure and unrefined with no additives (no aluminium, a free flowing agent) Celtic sea salt ~coarse or ground, Himalayan rock salt ~ coarse (like crystals!) or ground, or even just plain sea salt as opposed to the commercial supermarket salts.
The trace minerals found in unrefined salts are balancing to the system.. I even love a pinch or two in my hot chocolate..

1heaped teaspoon of Cacao
1-2 overflowing teaspoons of Agave (to taste)
1-2 pinches of Celtic or Himalayan salt
boiling water
Some hot or cold milk of your choice – frothed (frothing optional)
sprinkle with more cacao

YUMMM so good when you’re freezing, and the salt is a flavour enhancer.. doesn’t taste ‘salty’ just really satisfying 🙂