Don’t you just dream of the day spa? I love it!! Love the time to pamper, enjoy a facial perhaps, indulge in a massage. The afterglow is highly visible to anyone you may happen to meet on the way home too! But here’s a few cheaper, even more exhilarating, youth promoting way to refresh & supergorgeous yourself.


* A waterfall – one hour of beauty bathing, showering under it at the base, jumping cliffs if possible/safe into natural pools below (definitely keeps one YOUNG!)

* The sea – I love to roll in the sand (I know, people do stare) scrubbing myself with it all over before bathing in the waves, then enjoying some sunshine & taking another dip. Take some pure organic coconut oil, rub your body all over, scrub again, dip, shower, towel dry! AMAZING. (Even better on days when seaweed is floating in the water!! THERAPY +)

* Climb trees! Invigorate, refresh, deep breathe, feel the bark & leaves… Nature is powerful to heal & restore you to your personal best.

* Float – Find a natural water source such as a clean mountain stream or ocean pool, or even better, some hot mineral springs!! Lay back & allow your tensions to float away for 30 minutes. OR snorkle, getting the visual benefit of a moving meditation while you’re floating…

* Walk on wet grass – First thing in the morning, walk outside barefooted, on the dewy grass for 5 minutes, deep breathing, allowing the morning sun to fall upon your eyelids, activating the pituitary glands! Feel your nervous system come alive!!

*THERE ARE COUNTLESS OTHER WAYS TO ‘SUPERGORGEOUS’ YOURSELF IN NATURE* Don’t wait many days to discover them & notice the difference in your skin & emotional health! xxxxx