So as it turns out, even prided experienced cooks like me can take days to create the perfect Christmas pudding. I’ve been using my Nan’s old cookbook… a scrible book actually, where Nanna jotted down bits ‘n’ peices she liked, aswell as her prized trademark recipes. There are several pudding recipes… LOL & I managed to choose one which wasn’t so flash first up… being made WORSE by me grabbing a blue cloth. Hmmm! Oh well… practice makes perfect… & pictured here is my newly ‘Organiced’ Nan’s pudding just before I popped it into the seething water to boil 6 hours! OHHH THE AROMAS.

RECIPE: 250g organic raisins 60g glace cherries, chopped

250g organic currants 250g organic sultanas

3 Tbsp rum, (I used 2/3 cup I like cooking with RUM)

250g organic butter Rind of one organic lemon, grated, plus a little of the peel, FINELY chopped

1 1/4 cups extra dark brown sugar

1 cup plain organic flour (may use spelt)

4 beaten organic eggs

1/2 teas of each: salt, mixed spice, nutmeg, ginger (I used fresh grated), cinnamon & carb soda (I used alluminium free b/p)

2 cups breadcrumbs (I used white spelt bread & made my own crumbs in the food processor)

One organic calico pudding cloth (NOT BLUE).

METHOD: Soak all dried fruit in rum overnight with the lemon zest & peel & spices. In the morning, add melted butter, sugar. Mix. Add flour, eggs & breadcrumbs & alluminium free baking powder. Wet & squeeze out calico cloth, lay on table & sprinkle one tablespoon flour in a circle in the middle. Pop pudding mix in, tie tightly with string & knot the top. Boil slowly 6 hours, keep topping up water if needed.

On Christmas day… gently re-boil pudding two hours. Serve with organic cream for a once in a year treat! I’m made an organic vanilla-pod ice-cream today to serve with ours.

I’ve also shared this recipe at – check out their new website! It looks amazing.