Today is fresh bread day!! All the family love fresh bread, but did you know that fresh yeast or commercial bread is actually bad for your health?… It can contribute to bloating, and poor digestion. On the other hand, natural yeasts (see my ‘culture’ – pictured top) used to make 100% sourdough bread actually contribute to your intestinal health. Pictured is my loaf of spelt sourdough. Spelt is the ancient, non-hybrid form of wheat. DELICIOUS, & much better baking quality & taste to modern day wheat.

I’m not going to share a complete recipe, sourdough breadmaking is quite an artform, so I would recommend that you buy a good sourdough breadmaking book such as ‘Wild Sourdough’ by Yoke Mardewi.

I am, however, going to encourage you to persist!! Become an expert. Create bread no matter how many times it ‘fails’ so that you will be a true master. I now pride myself on my bread (after failing about 20 times!! no recipes/just lots and lots of experimentation)… It’s so worth it. You’ll feel much more confident in cooking anything at all if you can bake good bread. It’s not easy, but definitely worth the effort for your health, & even more so for the taste.

Olive & thyme floured cob, set in the afternoon sun to rise 🙂

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