Every month we – my family and I – venture off into the night, chasing waterfalls under the full moon! Actually it’s become such a ritual that we eagerly count down the nights until our next event. This is our night life, talk about thrills. We all revel in the adventure, each one of us needing something that only the surreal beauty of nature in the brightness of night can give.

These crazy fun times are something that must be experienced to be believed. The first thing that strikes you is the quiet. People don’t usually go to jagged cliff faced waterfalls in the night, and this suits us perfectly. Moonbeams light the rocks to the place where the water gushes into the blackness below. To jump is truly a ‘leap of faith’, it’s adrenaline to the max.

When you hit the cold water you feel it a lot more than in the daylight. You hear everything as well. The sound of the falls and the crackling of the fire above is so loud and enlivening.

I love to float, face up in the black waters, gazing at the stars and full moon above me. I feel so small, yet I know love is holding me, even in the blackness of night, there is peaceful calm love-force that to me is God.

We seek out glow worms in watery caves…we hide behind the heavy curtain of the waterfall…we scream or be quiet or whatever it is that we feel to be. We climb the rocky cliffs to the top and repeat as many times as our body thermos will allow. When frozen through, we surround the fire, drink hot cacao, eat warmed fire-cooked food and enjoy one another’s company in awe.

It’s magical, surreal, energising, uplifting, healing, beautiful, cinematic, alive, invigorating, fresh, glistening, romantic, icy, and warm all at once. There’s contrast, openness, purity, freedom, love, relaxation, and gratitude.

No words can portray the madness that is so mentally clarifying…but I know that one day when I’m an old lady I’m going to lie in my bed and dream of these nights, and smile that it was me. It was I that lived these wonderful moments, with the dearest people in all the world to me.

fire family