Countdown. To. 50. Starts…now. For me and Kate Moss both. That’s along with Carolyn Murphy, Shalom Harlow.  If like us, you’re one of the lucky ones, ie: born and raised before the entrance of social media, then you’ll know we’re all getting on a bit these days! 1974 was a good year. Like Kate the great, I was born. ?

Kate Moss, universally loved, famous beyond fame, stunning beyond measure…and as someone whose hardly modelled outside Sydney, I refer to her in this post with much respect of course.

When you hit 40, you feel like you’ve completed an amazing race. You feel powerful, young in body/spirit, mature in years only, almost proud of how well you’ve arrived. Then, at the pinnacle of this mountaintop glory, we begin to slide. Down. Down, ever incrementally, down the other side…Noooo we say. I don’t wanna gooo that way. Especially if the Yoga hasn’t been happening #everydamnday!

It’s inevitable. I feel it too. The aches, pains, lines, stiffness, tiredness, so you’re not alone! And as amazing as Kate ‘the Great’ is, it’s common knowledge that she hasn’t always been so kind to herself either. The point is that no matter who you are, or what your genetics, the regular practice of unhealthy lifestyle habits will eventually catch up with you causing you to feel and look less than your absolute best. Although having noted this, I’d like to encourage you to venture along with me on the brighter side.

The good (read FANTASTIC) (with emphasis) news is – it’s never too late to create a new body. I suppose in almost every way imaginable I’ve lived a life on the opposite extreme to all hail Kate. That said there’s still room for improvement. Yoga I need you! Filling your days with my ‘8 Tips for Supergorgeousness’ is a great start to reversing any premature signs of ageing, naturally. Being mindful that the body is powerful to heal and restore itself when given the right environment, should get you feeling wonderful, and looking exceptional, regardless of your age. 🙂
1R2A8346Those who’ve been with me since I started writing this blog way back in 2011 (was it??) will understand that the last 3 years have not been kind to me. Stress, worry, pain, heartbreak, heartache, these are things that will enhance lines upon your skin, shortness of breath, hormone disturbances almost as badly as anything (unhealthful) you could eat, drink, or smoke. I’ve shared a little in my previous post about Fasting for Emotional Healing.

The older we get, the more we can expect in a way, to be tested and tried by things out of our control. Enter: RAW CACAO oh thank-the-Lord. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a prosperous country, with organic produce available, nature somewhere nearby, the access to clean water, sunshine, herbs…Take advantage of these blessings! Express gratitude daily. Live your life, beautifully. If you haven’t experienced a healthy lifestyle, begin. Your body re-creates itself every seven years IN TOTAL. Bones and all! Your skin (or at leasts attempts to) renew itself daily, as does your gut. Let’s aim high, and live long, inspirational, love filled lives.

Love, Abigail xxx