A few people have asked me to write about how I keep fit, what exercise regimes I do etc.. Hmmm may have to get some actual ‘regimes’ going!
I’m such a nature freak so love anything outdoors. Surfing, walking, (i often do a few sprints on my powerwalks) horseriding.
I enjoy yoga minimum of twice per week.. I really want to do yoga every single day for the rest of my life! Its just making the time, and sometimes I do sleep in past 5am. I don’t exercise every single day, but I do every other day if I’ve been too busy.. Sometimes you just have to look at the clock, say to yourself ‘I have 20minutes’ & just RUN. Somewhere!!! Its good to make time, whenever you have it, and simply get active.
On a good week my exercise plan might look like this: Walking-withSprints 45mins x 3p/w, Yoga 3-4 x 45min sessions p/w, a jump on the trampoline before dinner with my son here and there, and a 2hour surf on Sunday, of course if the waves are good this could take all day 🙂