One of the secret ingredients I use in a few of the recipes in my CHOCOLATE book (see links on the right side of this blog)ย is Jellybush Honey. Well worth it’s weight in the dollars you may end up spending to purchase it, this highly active (means rich in antibacterial properties = medicine food!) honey, quite rich in colour, has a gorgeous jelly-like texture & unusual flavour. I absolutely love it!

I enjoy Jellybush Honey on either sourdough toast, my linseed dehydrated cinnamon-apple crackers or on lightly toasted rye crispbread. I top the honey with tahini, or vice versa & enjoy as a sweet snack or meal with fruit or green tea.

Talking of tea, it’s also excellent used as a sweetener in fresh ginger & lemon tea. Cut up some fresh ginger & lemon slices, pour over hot water, but add honey last when the tea is warm, not hot, to preserve its antibacterial properties. Wonderful for soothing away colds. ๐Ÿ™‚