Not a day goe201710101727s by I’m complimented on my skin. I bless you my precious Mother. My Mother was Portuguese, born in the gorgeous Madeira Islands. I look like her. Genetics will carry you a long way it’s true. That may not include ‘over the hill’ and beyond.

If you’re reading this in your teens, this is for especially for you. If your reading this in your 20’s, 30’s…this is totally for you! What you do now, today, will reveal itself in your mid years. Without a doubt. You will not escape pigmentation, lines, bigger skin pores, dark circles, dehydrated ‘old’ looking skin in your 40’s and 50’s if you live badly.

I’m going to share in a nutshell much of what I’ve shared over the years here on my blog, and various sites.

These beauty tips apply to any day of your younger or more experienced life. Lines or no lines. Lines do not detract from beauty. Poor health does. The secret is to stay vibrantly well. Day in day out. I take no cheat days, or cheat meals. How much of what I do you wish to apply is entirely up to you! 🙂

Abi’s top ten secrets for having flawless skin:

Hydrate – inside and out. Read – healthy cells and plump lips!

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – 70% raw – organic plant based diet.

Sleep 7+ hours, at least 2 of them before midnight.

Get sunshine – daily.

Trust, hope, have faith 🙂 people who stress less live longer, and have more beautiful skin.

Self control – in the good stuff. Like food. Eating until your 80% full is a thing!

No cheat days – ever – that’s just me – and I’ve never been drunk. Ever.

The 3 E’s…Exfoliate, Eliminate – keep your insides healthy, Exercise. Movement is essential for glowing beautiful skin.

Only cold pressed organic oils and plants such as aloe, or things from my organic kitchen.

Raw chocolate. Daily! See! No deprivation!

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Love to hear about any of your favourite internal or external organic supplements or products. Some of mine include Beauty Blend by Superfeast, Wild C by Eden Health Foods, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheatgrass juice, tumeric. On skin, I love using Squalene – an extract from olive oil, and essentail oils of Myrrh and Frankincense.

That’s all just in a nutshell! Maybe one day I’ll feature an entire chapter. Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love, Abigail xxx