SO THIS JUST HAPPENED. THE ICONIC SUMMER SHOW 2019. DRUMROLLS. If it’s all gibberish to you The Iconic Summer Show happens to be one of the biggest fashion shows in Australia. With beautiful bodies clad in little tinsy bits of material that mean Aussie heatwaves and very long days to be spent at the beach! At precisely 1 minute and 24 seconds you can watch me here –> my elation at the thought that it was really me y’know. Walking on the runway and stuff. IN SWIMWEAR!!! Golly gosh. 

Sure I’ve posed in swimwear before here and there. As an Australian you’re always stripping off  before running to find a waterhole, it just get’s soo hot! Who could be bothered with clothes. As a surfer girl too, so you could say I’m very comfortable with being in my togs, I also really love spending time climbing waterfalls, leaping from the rocks above, my costumes either bigger or smaller I don’t really mind at all.

But this was sooo different! This was me in my own skin, walking down a world class fashion show runway. Something I’d only ever imagined could come true. Mostly, actually because I’m no ‘Spring chicken’ these days! Uh uh! I kid you not, regardless of whether my skin looks young (thank-you my Portuguese mumma + copious amounts of raw cacao) I’m halfway to 90 in fact! My last birthday I turned the big 40 plus 5, and isn’t that when models are supposed to be ‘all washed up’ retired, and hiding themselves from the sneaky angles of the catwalk camera!

Well not me it seems! I was selected (super kindly! thank-you incredible Nicolas) to be a part of an absolute ripper of a show. This was no usual strut. Ours was a privilege many top models have yet to experience! Why you say? Because, THE ICONIC just totally broke all previous rules re swimwear on runways (actually they’ve done it before), and humanity trumped big time.

The vibes backstage. Take a peak. I will never forget it, as long as I live. Compliments all round, dancing, celebrating, hugging, laughter all round, cheering for each other, no competition. Everyone happy because together we were representing something so much larger than ourselves, every single one was special. I remember thinking to myself. Wow. Our make up artists totally could be in this show! The people we were walking past, they could easily be in this show! The photographers, hotel staff, right across to everyone watching online, they could see totally see themselves on that runway and that was pretty cool! Imagining how nice it will be for the younger generation who can see that beauty is so varied and embraced in it’s expression. That uniqueness is attractive beyond measure. That people should celebrate their life and the lives of every precious soul around them! Every age, every colour, every dimension.

Ours is a new and unprecedented era, unique, timeless, diverse and so rich in beauty, it’s beyond imagination. Such inclusion must be seen to be believed. We each are precious. Human. Relevant. Every life, a pin-up.”  Excerpt I wrote as one of #THEICONIChumans.

Special thanks to my incredible mother agency Silverfox MGMT for making such dreams come true this year, to be honest, there’s not many things I have left to tick off the list of my modelling journey!! Thank-you most wonderful Brigitte, thank-you lovely Roxanne! Again, much appreciation to THE ICONIC it was truly an honour walking in your show! ♡♡♡