IMG_7798Some of them are so old they’re falling apart and probably even out of print. My Health Books stash are precious…So much of what inspired me originally (up to 30 years) ago contained within their pages!

“Abigail Nelson’s book keep out” is written when I was only 13 inside one of my favourites ‘Back to Eden’ by Jethro Kloss. Paavo Airola has been another huge inspirational Author in my younger years, I have more of his books not pictured – such as ‘There is a Cure for Arthritis’ and ‘Are You Confused?’ I still love re-reading snippets from his ‘How To Get Well’ on occasion.

That little pale yellow paperback with the ‘Commandments’ drawn on the front is where I first devoured the SDA concepts of the ‘8 Laws of Health’…SOO INTERESTING in that they were so simple. Dynamic. I’ve framed my life around those! Don’t know if you’d find that one anywhere. Has little sketchy, quite funny illustrations all through it, heaps of tips on charcoal, natural remedies, herbs, fasting, but put together so comically. Perfect for a teenager as I was!


Lots more aren’t pictured like the book ‘Hunza’, ‘Councils on Diet and Foods’, ‘How to Not Die’ more recently, there’s another one I forget the name of and I can’t find atm but it was cool, a fasting book by Bragg, love fasting books or information. ‘Naked Chocolate’, which I actually read after I wrote ‘Model Chocolate‘! ‘Blue Zones’ which I wrote about recently with a short interview of Dan Beuttner, ‘Eat Right for Your Type’ and ‘801010’ are also in my library.

Right now I’m enjoying a book called ‘Water and Salt’ which I picked up from Oliver’s – a healthy fast food eats place on Aussie highways, just loving it…DO READ!

It’s all about how important hydration is, and as the title indicates, pure real salt of the Earth. Water is more important than anything at all after fresh clean air. Water is LIFE. Healing. Every cell.

What are you reading at the moment? Any life changing Health Books? I’d love to know…

Abigail xx