RICE salad is so good for you can eat it every day! A very balancing food for the blood sugar, aswell as being cleansing (your liver will love you) healing & building for the body. Pack along with some cherry tomatoes, olives, snow peas, hummus, tofu or feta cubes – for a quick tasty take away lunch & is a perfect accompaniment to fish. Rice salad is also great with vegetables or a legume dish for dinner.
TO MAKE: Use organic brown short grain rice, jasmine or basmatti for a lighter salad, cooked absorption method -about 1cup rice to 1cup water or a little more depending on how you like it, when boiling turn down for about 20 mins until all water is absorbed. If using brown rice 1cup rice to 2.5cups water. Bring to boil, then turn heat right down 45mins.
Allow to cool. Add LOTS & LOTS of finely chopped fresh herbs. The rice absorbs a lot of the flavour so its a great way to get the cleansing goodness of herbs into your body. Probably my favourite combination would be basil, rosemary (little, only use leaves and chop very finely) and oregano.. I also like parsley, thyme, corriander or even bitter greens such as radicchio or dandelion (so good!!:)) Toss through with dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, a little agave or honey & celtic salt (garlic- opt). Sprinkle with cayenne if you like spicy! DELICIOUS.

Rice salad is highly beneficial to the digestive system and contains ‘mucilaginous’ quality which helps to adsorb toxins from the intestines- even better!!