Beauty is all around us, only, where do we find it?” ~ Abigail O’Neill

Where do you choose to find beauty? Is it for you in the pages of a glossy magazine or perhaps a pair of prada shoes?… Can you find it in your great grandmothers wrinkled dancing eyes, or a perfect baby boy?…

Is it in a waterfall, shopping mall, leaf, tree or blade of green grass?…Is it in the laughter of people you love, or a cloud floating effortlessly.

Beauty is truly all around us, expressed in a hundred different ways. Beauty can even inspire us & revive us. Dare I say that beauty is a meaningful part of life. Some of the most influential designers, artists, musicians & creative minded people breathe inspiration which lift so many through beauty every day.

I love beauty. I see it everywhere & in everyone.  I adore the vibrant colours of nature. I love the smallest sprouting tendril. Beauty is within, & without us. I hope today you’ll join me in seeking it in the pure & loveliest of things which truly satisfy the longing, for beauty. xx

Images ~ April 2012 Vogue Australia + Mother Nature (wildflowers growing by the roadside, such perfect Autumn colours).