It’s strange. Usually in the past I’ve opted to fast purely for physical reasons. I can thoroughly recommend anyone at all try seasonal cleansing¬†– which allows the organs to rest and detoxify, rejuvenating every cell in your body. (Means you get to feel invincible afterwards)!

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This time, I’m fasting as I have two other times before, for the release of pressed down and painful emotions. I won’t go into details here, but as I’ve shared before, I know first hand the heavy weight of dealing with anxiety. Don’t worry, it’s not me, although when you love someone closest to you more than anything in the world, their pain is your pain and the suffering, insurmountable.

One time after losing my sister I fasted for 7 days, and it cleared so much emotional debris I remember crying deeply into the earth, praying, letting go, finding new strength, it was unlike anything else. Yoga also has been like this for me in times of heavy stress, I’ve found huge emotional release. Over the next few days I will reinstate yoga practice, time for myself, my body, my mind. Time for my organs, pent up with emotional baggage to release, kindly, efficiently. Hydro, an abundance of organic fresh juices, essential oils, herbal teas, nature. These will be my medicine.

IMG_0190Of course, to fast for emotional healing I do recommend that you’ve had some experience with fasting previously otherwise it can simply stir up too much cleansing of the body and feelings and you can end up in a more stressed state than you were to begin with. If for someone whose never experienced fasting, or eating an unprocessed diet made up of mostly fruits and vegetables, simply changing their lifestyle to incorporate more natural foods, many raw, less meat if any, slowly moving towards nothing from a package…this would be enough of a detox physically and emotionally for many!

“A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones” ~ Proverbs

Did you know that high stress levels can release toxic waste into your bloodstream? This over and over daily for months or years can bring horrible even life threatening illnesses. A heavy heart also adds wrinkles to your face, shortens the breath, disturbs sleep patterns and hormones…it goes on. Kind of like junk food is, our emotional baggage weighs on organs, joints, skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc, but more importantly our overall feeling of loving life and being the best person we can be for ourselves, for others who need us so much.

Do your own research of course, there’s plenty out there on the subject. I’m off to enjoy a delicious salad. Before embarking on any juice cleanse I like to eat all raw for a day or two which prepares the body for deeper detoxification.

Sending love, always light xxx Abigail