Actually I’d dare myself. You may have noticed that I’m not shy. Come to think of it, here’s a few reasons why I’ll enter the Faces Of Seafolly search. Yes at even at my age!

Quoting the Seafolly website: “SEAFOLLY is desirable to women of all ages (yes!!!) and sizes (double yes!!!), which makes it well known and frequently stocked around the world. The brand’s seasonal marketing campaigns are infamous, featuring world recognisable talent such as Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Hart and Shanina Shaik.”

Nevertheless at 43, it seem all but madness to try. Seafolly (as most swimwear labels) choose ultra-toned gorgeous young girls, to represent their stunning pieces most beautifully. Their up and coming stars are mostly between 17 and 21 in age.


So then, why be so bold? Here’s a few reasons why I’m feeling rebellious and embarking on one of biggest and craziest (age considered), ‘castings’ (that be-it online) of my career…  ♡

Abi’s Crazy Reasons for Entering:

  • Win or lose! Just like all of you younger girls entering, of course I’d love to be selected as winner for Seafolly, and create magic with their amazingly talented team! Although it would be out of character for the brand for someone of my age to be chosen, so I’m not actually expecting it this. It’s just another way of pushing boundaries on social media, having fun, and also hopefully inspiring many of you to get out of your comfort zone, and chase a dream if you dare!  ♡
  • I’ll probably use this time as an extra rev-up for myself to share more posts re: my body toning, skin beautifying tips along the way. I know my readers always enjoy these, and I’ll certainly need to amp up my fitness/beauty regimes to the max if I’m to have even the remotest chance on Earth of winning this thing!!! Remember, my competitors will be in their teens and early 20s!
  • Age positivity. Need I say more? You may have read my other post re AGEISM (<<click to read) within the modelling industry. But of course women of all ages love to pop on a beautiful swimsuit and enjoy the ocean, so I’d be most honoured to represent them in a Seafolly campaign.
  • Distraction. Being artistically minded, I love to create! I also love a good (read almost impossible) challenge!
  • Role modelling from a more mature perspective. Inspiration – be true to yourself and try not to offend, deny or suppress others. Love your body, wear it this Summer with confidence. Be sure to compliment others in their uniqueness. Speaking as a mother of 3, something I think many mum’s would like about the brand, is that the Seafolly styles are tastefully designed for every day wear, and suit just about any body, any age, and can be worn anywhere and in front of anyone!
  • I adore the sea. Surf, jump off high waterfalls, wherever there’s water I’m there, playing like a dolphin.  ♡
  • Lastly, I wish to inspire you, reader, because you’re never too old to dream!




“Sea FOLLY”!? Oh darhling it’s all in the name. 😉

Folly definition:

ˈfɒli/  noun  1.

Lack of good sense; foolishness.“an act of sheer folly”

You can follow my post entries #facesofseafolly via my Instagram page now. I’m pretty sure I’m the eldest girl in the bunch.

♡ ♡   ♡ ♡   ♡ ♡

Well there you have it… Sea folly! Wish me luck!… 🙂 🙂