“Young one, cut your path in honesty, then it will be wildly, beautifully different.”

Once upon a time…our hero’s were clad in truth ready to save the day, sang songs filled with hope to prisoners, mopped the brow of the sick, flew to the moon, circumnavigated the world for a cause…and gave real moments in real time for those in need. Now it seems we’re fast trading in excellent role models for those who have ‘celebrity status’ based on likes, follows or how much of their ‘bits’ can be portrayed without censorship.


If you’ve been with me a while, you’ve probably picked up on my rebelliousness to align with what’s trending. Truth is, I’d rather be ‘fabulous’ any day than have 1M followers. You’d be blind not to notice these countless so called ‘celebrities’ cladding themselves in deception, photoshop, or anything at all to get attention. You know what? All of this social media is going to blow up one day and when it does you want to have your soul dignity in tact. Don’t you ever compare yourself with others, or base your worth on whose watching. Sure, glean inspiration and knowledge. You, reading now, you are awesome! You don’t have to be a model, actor, artist or celebrity to be fabulous. My son Rory is the most artistically talented person I know and he doesn’t even have an Instagram. Created to shine. Just be yourself, and don’t over-think it. Instead, be the change, dare to share a purpose or passion you believe in rather than the norms/trends of the day.

To be truly fabulous: be real, love, serve, be kind, give ‘likes and comments’ rather than expect them, be honourable. Create from your heart, talents, and passions rather than what seems to be the most popular. Remember at the end of the day, it’s what you are in real life that really counts, who your family and friends know you as, and hopefully that shines through into whatever you’re extending to the world via cyber space. ♡