Me and my friend Sarah having some pampering in my bathroom, her hubby Simon came along to snap some digi pics for you…

The first step is to place this highly anti-aging cleansing Banana & Chia Seed mask onto clean (no-makeup) skin. Its so easy, and you’ll really notice the difference, so even if you only do step one it will be wonderful!

TO MAKE: Just blend a fresh banana (cleansing, anti-aging) with a tablespoon of goats yogurt (nourishing, protiens) a teaspoonful of chia seeds (best omega fats), a teaspoon of manuka honey (anti-bacterial).. & a teaspoonful of slippery elm (very healing, nourishing) powder. All available at healthfood stores

It’s actually oh soo ooey & gooey…

The anti-aging effects are realised almost instantly upon Sarah!..

Yeah we had lots of fun.. You can leave this mask on for about 10 minutes to soften & cleanse the skin.

This is my splash concoction made with pure cold water, a sprinkling of dulse flakes & a few rose petals. Beautifying mineral splash to freshen the skin after rinsing off the first mask with warm water.

Step 2: We then used my favourite natural exfoliant made by ‘EVOHE‘ (actually for the body, but I find the texture is perfect for me as a face scrub) Evohe make a whole range of gorgeous natural products.

Just a nice gentle time scrubbing, about a minute.. then rinsing again with warm water, ending again with the mineral splash (the ‘mineral splash’ is one of the steps in the facial, but I used it throughout- just felt soo good!!)

Now onto the second more calming, firming & ‘drawing’ clay mask.

We just mixed some goats milk with pure Green Clay powder.. so easy!

So smooth.. feels perfect after the cleansing & scrubbing.

Smooth it over the neck too.. over your whole body if you have time..

This was the only snap at the end, no moisturiser yet.. there’s no make-up or retouching on any of the pictures, this one is a little blurry, but you can see what this fabulous facial does for the skin ♥

Special thanks to Simon & Sarah xxx