‎”A dream realized is a dream cultivated, believed in, a dream, lived.” ~ Abigail O’Neill, 2011

I have a massive red cardboard in my room. It says “RED IS THE COLOUR OF ACTION.”  I made it at the beginning of 2011, with all my hopes & aspirations for the year ahead, my small art sketches, magazine clippings, handwritten quotes. It’s truly inspiring.

Some of it has come true more abundantly than I could’ve imagined, some of it I put aside (such as my blog for many months! sorry readers); cramming all I could into busy days & long nights of writing, cooking, designing & inventing. Giving time for family. Balancing time for work, my health, writing, photography over & over, cooking & more cooking! Recipes & testing, more recipes. Yeah. We pretty much ate chocolate for 3 months straight! Thanks to my incredibly supportive family, you are amazing.

Creating a masterpiece takes time! It’s okay. I’m okay with that. Rome surely wasn’t built in a day & I know I have lots more fun to look forward to next year in the completion of my cookbook ~ MODEL CHOCOLATE.

Needless to say, next year will be ‘RED’ too…. 2011 was a nice little warm up. Dare to dream & even better, dream & DO…. Wishing you a happy Xmas & your every dream realised in 2012!! Love & chocolate xxx Abigail