Below are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, mostly related to the downloading of Model Chocolate.

Don’t worry, if you’ve paid, we’ll do all we can to get you a copy ASAP! :)


To help us solve any downloading problems:

  • Please have your Order ID number handy. It will look something like this: 4HT36726P1045331

  • We will also need the Billing First and Last name that you entered during checkout.
  • Finally, we may ask for the Email Address that you entered during the checkout process. Please remember which email you use!


“I have waited for hours but haven’t receive the email with the download link!”

Please be sure you have checked the correct email account. It will be the email address you entered during the checkout process.

Secondly, please check your junk mail folder as the email is sometimes mistakenly diverted there by some email programs. This is quite common for receipt emails to incorrectly flagged by automated spam filters. It does NOT mean we’ll send you spam.

“I haven’t been able to download the file properly and I’ve reached my download limit!”

Downloads will usually fail if your internet connection is interrupted or is insufficient. Please be sure you have a solid internet connection during download.

Downloading on your phone or tablet? Please use a wi-fi internet connection during download.

Reached your limit and still not downloaded? Send an email with all your Order ID number and Billing Name to Please include a short message outlining your problem. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Note: the best way to download the e-book is to save the file directly to your computer rather than opening it in your web browser first. To do this, ‘right click’ on the download link then select the option to save the link to your computer. Then go to the location you saved it at and open normally.

“How do I save the PDF file to my phone?”

The easiest way we’ve found is to download a free PDF viewing app such as iBooks. Once the PDF has loaded, simply tap the screen and choose Open in iBooks. This will add the book to your library and allow you to view the PDF even when you aren’t connected to the internet!

Got a question about your order? Send an email detailing your question/problem to