Who doesn’t feel a pain? Despair? Anxiety or depression? Whose skin hasn’t been marred? Who hasn’t felt the inconvenience of hormonal imbalances? Weight gain? Joints fusing together? Foggy headed-ness, and lack of co-ordination? Chronic health problems here there, everywhere?

I know, you know me to be the picture of health.

IMG_7895But to encourage those of you struggling today to regain their health, in your search, to learn all there is to learn about detoxification, plant based living, herbs, natural therapies, hydrotherapy, I write for you now. As I’m sipping lemon water with a pinch of celtic salt as the moon is setting over my beautiful valley view…it’s 5.30am …I’m buzzing. Actually I feel quite good this morning!

I thought I’d share with you some of the dis-eases or ailments I have personally endured, and risen from stronger, more informed, able to inspire and share over many years now, able to contribute to a better world by my experience.

Some of these sadly, I still feel in my body daily, maybe just like some of you reading this now. And hey…don’t presume to think if you haven’t had complicated health issues that you won’t. It’s a crazy toxic, auto-immune bustin’ world out there, and if you’re not already affected, sad news is you may quite possibly be next! Actually in talking to many people over the years, I’ve discovered that we’re experiencing an epidemic of ill-health, mental health, auto-immune conditions, though apparently ‘living longer’…that’s if one of the big 4 don’t cut us short. Medications are given out high, low, and like never before, almost half of children on pills for mental/physical issues before they’re 10, genetically modified foods (that taste like nothing) no wonder everyone hates fruit and vege’s…euphoric drug and alcohol abuse overkills and dependence. Everyone on a prescription pill. DIS-EASE on every front. Anyways…I won’t get started on all that now.

Ok starting in a nutshell from the beginning. Because learning from others experiences or mistakes is often better than learning from your own! Making positive changes in your own life from others tested and tried influence is also a great start in the right direction.

mulberryabi2Sadly I was not breastfed – not even from day 1. Don’t downplay it. Read about it. If you have babies one day, please use your boobies as nature intended! I was immunised to the hilt. Again, you can disagree, but I believe routine immunisations to be damaging to a newborns / young child’s delicate immune system. That was 40 years ago these days it’s even worse, something like 200 by age 2 WT??! I was constipated through early – later childhood, so definite gut flora issues, and major dehydration I’m certain. We did eat many vegetarian meals growing up although I became a complete vegetarian at 13, actually I was vegan for the first time in my life. I started taking the pill for two years when I married my husband at 16. Look into that too, seriously ladies, don’t take the pill. Then, I had a massive allergic reaction to crop dusting leading to a week of welts head to toe on my body 17 yrs. At 21 I came down with a nasty case of glandular fever. It shot my immune system to pieces. Of everything, this was the turning point, downwards in my health, and I’ve never, ever been the same since. After having our 3rd child, at 24 my body couldn’t cope any more, I went all the way down, chronic fatigue. Candida, chronic joint pains, digestive disturbances, then the beginnings of arthritis, as well as skin issues – psoriasis to top it off. So low I’d crash every night about 7pm after long days of homeschooling, cooking, gardening, taking care of our precious little ones.

I knew a lot of good things by this time, read a lot, experienced some fasting success from very young – my first long fast being when I was only 14. Then as I grew up and had our young family I’d already been mostly plant based (apart from eggs, raw honey) and ever moving towards all organic produce, as we could afford. It’s hard. When you’ve gone right down to the bottom with your health, so hard, to pick it back up. Especially when many depend on you.

Since that time, I’ve experienced utterly devastating, life halting losses. Losing my beloved baby sister in 2015, my mother, only just last year. On top of this  struggling ever with keeping our home positive, healthy, well, through the worst we’ve ever experienced – crippling anxiety in an immediate family member.

Not so long ago, I went down with Rickettsia – a tick disease – almost as bad as Lyme, and that was honestly the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. It goes on. This is a world with no guarantees for brilliant health.

One thing I do know, sometimes, dis-ease can save you, for a (good?) cause! I don’t know if I would have been as devout to my health, or strict diet and lifestyle had I never been unwell. I know I wouldn’t have written my book – Model Chocolate with all it’s delicious, satisfying and nutritious SF DF GF healthy raw chocolate alternatives!

So don’t feel that I cannot relate to you. I feel more than ever that I can relate to almost anyone at all! Years will bring this kind of wisdom to you, especially if you love hard, and give away all you can along this crazy journey we call life.

If you’re not ok right now, please don’t despair. Be wise, read real books, search high and low, delving ever into nature’s mysteries, and you’ll find like I have that if you can sync yourself with her powers to rejuvenate and restore you, you can be as best as possibly possible. I’ve learned much about detoxification through fasting, raw food, the benefits of raw cacao, hydrotherapy, trusting always, fresh air, the power of greens and herbs, the simple power of taking enough sunshine, exercise, water, and rest.

photo 2 (11)Don’t give up. I am still on my health journey. I am looking for the best answers for my body, naturally…all the time. Yes I feel a lot, lot better when I live the way that I do! I’ve learned to manage my wellbeing, so as to experience the least dis-ease or discomfort! But I have yet to arrive to where I wan’t to be physically. To sleep pain-free every day and wake up leaping out of bed, I will continue to find a way! To feel that spring in my step! To bend backwards, stretching upwards, and touch a star…♡ ✴♡ ✴♡ ✴♡ ✴♡

Wishing you natures abundant blessings always, love for your day! x x Abigail