Some days even I don’t wake up looking – rather – feeling like my alter ego Abigail O’Neill. It takes daily effort to be vibrantly well at any age or stage of life. The good news is, if being healthy is your journey, with no detours allowed, your destination > should be closer to agelessness. At least to some extent, for as long as humanly possible!

83Last week I was shooting some beautiful swimwear pieces in the hot Aussie sun, sweating, lucky for me I had no make up on! A flick of mascara and some hemp lip balm only. But it was one of those ‘off days’ for me, where I wasn’t feeling as good as I usually do. Stress, not enough sleep, time of month, whatever…Of course the photographer wasn’t to know! But we raced around and shot 4 looks in an hour flat… then she called “it’s a wrap”! I was hesitant, but when shots came through I was quite surprised, encouraged…and then thought to myself, “wow I need to take better care of her! She looks quite good! I better make sure I get my walk in today…and get enough rest tonight.”

People are very kind, always asking about my skin and how I got to look so young for my age. It’s not just the Frankincense oil!

I truly believe that when you take a lot of good care of yourself, it shows, even on the worst of days! It encourages yourself too, to keep on. Even when you’re not feeling fabulous, if the bulk of what makes up your daily lifestyle is on point,  then woven in and out like a beautiful tapestry, in the years to come you should still shine! It’s not in the fads ladies, the try to be healthy-ish all week, then cheat weekends. Only eat carbs, only eat proteins, or the next beauty product line, you know. It’s in the naturally most basic yet excellent…the mostly affordable, small daily lifestyle practices that are repeated over, and over, and over again.

You can read many of my skin/body/beauty posts (using the searchbar) here on the blog. Also, check out my ‘8 Tips For Supergorgeousness’. In a nutshell these are Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Rest, and Trust. Just the powerful basics for good health! Do them all. I’ve been living these 8 simple TIPS for 30 years now. Just don’t stop. That’s the real secret.