A little like coffee, a bit like tea! This is one of my favourite healthy indulgences, and so easy to make. I like to use raw almond milk which is really easy to make (it froths beautifully, pictured) but you may use any milk you desire.

You need: One or two (if you like it strong) dandelion tea teabags. OR Try one teabag organic Chai + one of the dandelion tea. Milk: either use my fresh raw almond milk or organic full cream cows milk, or organic whole soy milk. Boiling water, extra cinnamon if you like and/or natural vanilla. To sweeten: Agave, maple syrup or honey.

Boil water & steep dande in a small teapot tea whilst frothing milk in a large mug. Add cinnamon & vanilla as desired, top up with tea & sprinkle with extra cinnamon.

DANDELION is a herb which is especially good for the liver 😀