SUPERSIMPLE MYLK you NEED. NO dairy, NO seeds, NO NUTS, NO grains, all the refreshing deliciousness you can imagine using only 3 simple unrefined ingredients…and NO nut milk bag needed either!

SAY NO MORE. >>>>>


1 cup flesh from a young green coconut (may need two)  

        OR use 1 cup desiccated coconut, soaked overnight in water

1/4 teaspoon organic vanilla powder, or freshly scraped vanilla pod

4 – 6 cups water

Using a powerful blender, WHIZ young coconut flesh OR soaked coconut with 2 cups of the water content given in ingredients plus vanilla until super smooth and creamy white. Add the remaining water, using up to six cups in total depending on how rich you’d like it to be. Blend until combined and milky. Sweeten ever so slightly with a dessertspoon of coconut nectar, or maple syrup, optional.  Strain if desired, I never do! Bottle in glass and store in the fridge until needed.

coco-luscious mylk 2  coco-luscious mylk

This MYLK is perfect over cereal, as is over ice on a hot day, to use in smoothies or wherever you’d usually use milk in cooking. The only thing this Mylk won’t do is froth. If you’d like a frothy Mylk for making hot chocolates, or smoothies, and aren’t allergic to nuts, use my Supergorgeous Almond Mylk – in the bookOR try my Rawlicious Cashew Mylk, or Hazelnut Mylk options.