This ones a winner. PS. You may omit nuts & add a teaspoonful organic rum if you want rum & raisin (shhh though, I didn’t say it). PSS. For the one in the picture I used double the amount of dried fruit & nuts; that’s why it looks so…nutty (hahahha). Oh dear, I’ve had way too much chocolate!


Fruit and Nut Chocolate60g cacao butter

¼ cup mixed organic currants, raisins, sultanas

¼ cup organic brazil nuts, chopped

½ teaspoon natural vanilla

2 tablespoons raw dark agave (may use organic maple syrup)

1 tablespoon raw cashew, macadamia butter or tahini

¼ cup raw cacao or organic cocoa powder


Melt cacao butter gently over a bowl of boiled water. Remove from heat and mix everything else in. Pour chocolate into foiled glass dish, smooth out a little. Cover & set in fridge. Serve as is & let everyone cut their own chunk of raw cacao goodness.


10 minutes to make 1 block to serve 4- 6 good, sharing souls.