These bars are a simple to make treat using the original recipes for both Chokola Granola and Classic Dark chocolate from the book. 101 variations limited only by your imagination!


1 cup Chokola Granola pg 68 of Model Chocolate (hard copy) – otherwise replace with rice puffs, or better still your favourite activated raw buckwheat cereal from a health food store

1/2 cup almonds, macadamias or other nuts or seeds of your choice

1/2 cup sultanas, currants or raisins (may use any dried fruit here including superfoods – goji berries or incaberries included!)

1/3 cup desiccated coconut, or almond meal

1 x recipe for ‘Vivacious Noir’ raw chocolate or your favourite store bought raw chocolate or fairtrade organic dark chocolate, melted


Take previously prepared Chokola Granola, and mix together with all other dry ingredients. Prepare Vivacious Noir raw chocolate or chocolate of your choice. Mix together warm chocolate with dry ingredients saving a little raw chocolate for decorating tops. Press the crumbly mixture down really firmly (no air anywhere! press really hard) into a small lined dish with sides. Set in the fridge. Cut into bars, drizzle extra dark chocolate on tops and chill once more. Serve! Delicious with Tisano raw chocolate Tea and berries for breakfast, morning tea, or a crunchy chocolate snack! So satisfying, these bars are highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and metabolism boosting goodness. <3

chokola bars  chokola granola bars