There’s some great raw food videos on the internet for making healthy raw coconut kefir. ALL RAW, NATURAL alternative to dairy yogurt that is so delicious!

Kefir – made on various milks – tastes light & refreshing, is rejuvenating, & is perfect anti-aging beauty food. When made on COCONUT WATER though, it’s like a facial, but for your CELLS! Repairing, hydrating, renewing your life-stream 🙂

I sometimes make it an even easier way. Still good, but without as many steps. I like delicious, healthy things, quick!
I buy a kefir powdered culture (it comes in sachets – at good health food stores). I whiz together 1 fresh (drinking) coconut (make sure it’s beautiful & fresh, no brown bits!) water + pulp & 1 dessertspoon of chia seeds, adding one sachet of probiotic kefir goodness last. I blend lightly to combine, pour into a jar, replacing the lid, leave a few hours, less if it’s a hot day… & store in the fridge for when I want it.

Just love this with fresh fruit in the morning, added to smoothies or as the base for smoothies, or even as is. I eat chia seeds every day in different ways, and I LOVE fresh coconuts so I really enjoy the smooth, nourishing taste of this kefir even as it is.

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