Beginning modelling in your 30s is by far my recommendation to anyone wanting to join the business. Oh that’s you? 🙂 Ace! Because for one reason, most of us will have by then got our lives relatively ‘sorted’ by then. You know, discovered ourselves, our truest passions, perhaps started a family of our own, or hopefully found our true love. Then with some real life experience, you naturally arrive at this ‘more mature’ confident age bracket. So, as in my instance, modelli10679869_656266704491519_610443573700343733_o (1)ng becomes more of an ‘add on’ to your life, rather than the be all and end all identity crisis if one does or doesn’t ‘make it’. Only one thing stands in your way.

Ageism. Ok two (in my case) country living, ok three, those gorgeous kids (if you have any – as I have). Because for me, I wanted our children growing up right out of the spotlight, here, near Byron Bay, living wild and free, with me and my hubby and chickens, and horses, waterfalls, waves, motorbikes, 4 rambling acres, fresh garden produce…and homemade bread overlooking mountain views.  Ahhh well. Suppose it is all about where your priorities lie regardless.

Wherever your personal ambitions, work hard, learn fast, and simply be the most wonderful version of yourself, you can be. Make sure love is still up there with your main priorities. Family. True connections to that which will endure the test of time and change. The rest will be happen if it’s meant to. Give compliments to other models at castings, see the beauty and talent in everyone you meet, be kind to every last person on the ‘team’. Always be professional, but real. Smile a lot. Go the extra mile. ♡♡

I regret nothing. The main thing I certainly don’t regret at all is that at age 16 I threw away a huge modelling contract with Chadwicks – Australia’s biggest agency at the time, who were discovering beauties like Elle Macpherson and Rachel Hunter. It’s funny as I reflect now maybe it’s been ‘meant to be’ after all when 16 years later (at 32) I was selected by Dallys Models, going on to sign with Chic Management in 2007. People often ask me how I ‘got into modelling’? It really just kind of happened, as a happy Mumma of three, living organically in the country I certainly wasn’t seeking it out. I did a little memoir photoshoot which was meant for my husband with photographer and friend Bryce Wegener, nothing too showy, just so he’d remember me at my best…I didn’t have modelling in mind at all, the rest is history. ♡

Sometimes I can’t help but note the attitude of some super-stunning older models, who’ve been around 1264410_656260361158820_4071334577975912269_oforever, you know, since they were little teen-e-boppers. Walking the top runways of the world, gracing covers. Being so very young, someone said ‘jump’ they said, ‘how high’? They’ve been so moulded and shaped by the industry to us ‘regular people’ sometimes they can seem a little out of touch with real life, or have missed much of what I feel I’ve been blessed to have realised. Many of these ‘fading beauties’ may even feel that their best years are over – come my age. This makes me sad for them.

I realise over and over again, that I’ve missed nothing really, by choosing to begin modelling older rather than younger. If anything I’ve gained everything, and have still so much yet to gain. Because, now at 43, the journey is still only at the beginning for me, if I want it to be.

♡♡♡ Abigail