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Healthy Eyes

You've probably guessed it! I believe in buckets of carrots, spinach, walking, sunlight, fresh air, rest, lots of water, alkalizing juices, green drinks, vegetables, [...]

2012-03-27T04:36:18+11:00March 27th, 2012|

Self Motivation

Hi again, beautiful readers... I'm posting this for myself as well as anyone of you who may read it. You see, WE ALL NEED MOTIVATION. Daily. Hourly, [...]

2012-01-30T22:53:37+11:00January 30th, 2012|

100% Free Body Exfoliant

Something I love to do weekly is exfoliate my entire body. Usually, I use a spicy salt scrub which I make myself, using ginger [...]

2012-01-11T18:33:25+11:00January 11th, 2012|


Don't you just dream of the day spa? I love it!! Love the time to pamper, enjoy a facial perhaps, indulge in a massage. The afterglow is highly [...]

2011-12-20T23:40:51+11:00December 20th, 2011|

Keeping Fit

A few people have asked me to write about how I keep fit, what exercise regimes I do etc.. Hmmm may have to get [...]

2011-07-03T20:13:02+10:00July 3rd, 2011|

FIRM up with COLD showers

I love this simple hydro treatment, every other day. YES!!!! EVEN IN WINTER. You'll be amazed at what it does for your will power, [...]

2011-06-13T05:21:24+10:00June 13th, 2011|