Our daughters are looking at us. Okay, those of us without daughters, our very own eyes, they are looking at us. Through our own hearts, and in the mirror too. What are we seeing? Even more importantly what are we FEELING. In ourselves, in one another as women younger and older, and a great deal older. I’m including a couple of (no edits at all) phone snaps here, taken this Summer holidays fresh into the new decade of 2020 as my beautiful daughter Charlotte (25) and I enjoyed sunset by our magnesium plunge pool and steam room.


Enjoying late afternoon sunshine (which was still actually quite hot!) and a delicious simple platter of raw vegetables and berries, olives, raw chocolate, nuts and tahini dip. To make the tahini dip: tahini, water, lemon juice, salt and spices of your choice, olive oil. High raw, organic, antioxidant-rich skin/body foods right there!! Mmm so yum! It’s how I’ve nourished myself most of my life (of course with the abundance of nature, soo many plant based, unprocessed foods are available to us to enjoy). It’s also how Charlotte was raised, to take care of her body temple, respect her soul, and love her life.


So why the big, fancy, scary title to this blog post. Those who’ve followed my journey the last 10 years would know of my passion for everything 100% natural. Living in sync with NATURE, as much as I possibly can has been my obsession since I was only 13 years old and began to read ‘Health Books’ and practice preparing vegetarian/vegan/100% raw for my family as a young girl, then our own family all the way until now, with my youngest of 3 being 20 years old. I myself am 45 years old now. Neither my daughter or myself have ever used any botox, surgeries, and have hardly ever experienced a professional ‘facial’ as we do so many little pamper treatments ourselves at home using ingredients from the garden and fridge.

Y’know what I reckon? I reckon the cool cats of the next decade are going to be the un-touched by skin doctors persons that have lived and loved their lives enough to embrace the future and all it holds with love for themselves and others. That means those fine lines coming to rest on my forehead and cheeks too. I’m not saying do nothing. There’s wure plenty we can lovingly do for ourselves each day that’s more powerful overall in keeping us young and at our most vibrantly beautiful.

Looking forward to sharing more and more and more with you! In the meantime please, SKIP THE BOTOX, yep boycott it entirely especially if you’re younger than me! I recommend waiting until you’re over 60. By then they’re going to have some magnificent, non-toxic, incredible treatments out there that will be totally, 100% natural,won’t freeze your muscles and distort your personal ‘look’. You are more beautiful than you know, YOU yes you right now reading this!!! Please love your life, look at the ways you can love it more (this blog is a great start! see my Insta also for soo many more #abisbeautybible tips and videos) and try aligning yourself as closely as possible with nature! If given the chance, and I’m speaking from experience, nature will restore you to your best ever self, and you (and those who know you) won’t believe the results! xxx Love, Abigail